Well, hello…

My name is Scott and I make things for money and for fun. I’m a creative technologist with a focus on ethical tech and design systems. I use design and code to solve complex problems for people and businesses.

Design as a force for good

A human brain

Mindful Design

Understanding how the mind works is integral to the work I do. I wrote a whole ass book about it.

My breadth of actionable knowledge around attention, motivation, and self-determination – and a refusal to use this to manipulate – is what makes me a good designer.

A human brain


Design is all about simplifying scary and complex concepts into simpler things that can be interfaced by real humans.

This can be empowering, but only if we choose to simplify the right systems for the right people.

I don’t work on projects that perpetuate the status quo or only cater to making boring rich people’s lives more convenient.

Tiny Words: a microblog

Scott Riley

Tiny Words is my microblog. A self-hosted, short-form list of posts similar to what you'd see on Mastodon or Twitter.