Tiny Words: a microblog

Scott Riley

This is my personal microblog. A place where I can share short-form bullshit while still owning my own data.

  • Uh oh…

    sunburned knees are ostensibly Not The One™

  • FigJam is the best design tool ever made. Simping hard for it. Perfect lil fucker. It's a better Miro made for cute people. Love it.

  • wild how music peaked with the kung fu panda soundtrack tbh

  • The positive side of Twitter going completely to shit is that my mental health has had its biggest uptick since thatcher died.

  • Happy New Journal Week for those of us that celebrate it. May we make it to March without giving up this time round the sun.

  • You can build this microblog too

    I’ve just published a tutorial called ‘Building a Microblog with Svelte, PlanetScale, and Prisma’.

    Check it out: https://www.scott.is/writing/about/building-a-microblog-with-svelte-planetscale-and-prisma

  • Easy fellas

    I have a goatee now so if anyone needs adopting just let me know I’m about as Dad as can be x

  • One thing I'm curious about: how does Mastodon – namely the approach to moderation – avoid becoming just decentralised Reddit?

    Different servers with different moderators with different levels of fragility and strictness, but in an environment that supports cross-instance communication and won't shut up about network effects.

    Moderation is a huge challenge and right now feels like the most obvious weak point of the 'fediverse'.

  • Death’s Door: A Tiny Game Review

    Death’s Door is a wonderfully challenging game that does a few things very well. Fans of Hollow Knight and old school Zelda who fancy a challenge will love it.

    A few bits of artificial difficulty aside through somewhat unfair mobs, it’s a wonderful experience.