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I offer three different services depending on where your project is at, the kind of help you might need, and your budget requirements.


Mindful Design Sprints

Great for: Early stage startups / Ambitious founders / Internal incubators

Mindful Design Sprints are 6-8 week sprints designed for founders and small teams who need design and product help through the early stages of product design and development.

They include an intensive - but streamlined - phase of workshopping, research synthesis and what you'd probably describe as 'typical' UX work; followed by a rapid prototyping phase focused around key moments and product fit. This is my preferred way of working with startups; I literally wrote the book on it.

Scott helped us evaluate and reorganise WONDR’s user experience. His understanding of human behaviour and depth of research means that he can take complex moments and create intuitive experiences. It’s a joy working with Scott and his mindful approach to design has facilitated a much more meaningful experience for our community.
Sam Reader - Co-founder & CEO, WONDR

Design Consulting

Great for: Established products / Larger teams / Redesigns & design systems

If your product is a little further-developed and you need a longer-term project with a heavier focus on interface and interaction design, design systems, and more mature design tooling; or if you just have a shit load of cash and want to hire me as a long-term consultant, then you can hire me at a weekly rate to do All The Fuckin Design Things for you.

Scott’s process helps to simultaneously de-risk and enrich a project, creating real value for product teams at all levels of capability. I personally worked with him to create a suite of products across a number of brands - it was a delightful experience.
Dan Kolodziej - Product, Idean, Puig

Design Advisorship

Great for: Technical startups / Occasional advice / High-level direction

The final way of working with me is to hire me as a part-time (1-2 days a month) design advisor, where I’ll offer sporadic, high-value consultancy. Things like high-level design and product consulting, process analysis, problem space exploration, and customer development or user research analysis. Think of this as a kind of startup advisor but specifically focused around human-centred design.

I’ve worked with Scott on my business, With Jack, from day one. It was important for me to work with a talented designer that would also bring their personality to the project, and that’s why I’m still working with Scott 3 years later. It’s not just his design work I value—his contribution is so much more than that. Scott’s played a huge part in helping me get my business to where it is today
Ashley Baxter ● Founder & CEO, With Jack

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