Who’s this dickhead?

I've been making internet stuff for a Very Long Time. I started with Geocities and Neopets, made a few moderately popular Flash games, then graduated to MySpace layouts.

Somewhere along that journey, I got good enough at making shit on the web to do it for a career. I've been doing Grown Up Neopets ever since.

Never punch down; give a fuck about craft; be accountable.

Born in Liverpool and raised in the aftermath of Thatcherite austerity, I’m a massive socialist and can talk your ear off about unions, the politics of football, and the power of mobilised communities.

I’m a huge fucking dweeb and still have a favourite Pokémon at the age of 33. I adore video games. Lately I’m trying to fill the Elden Ring-shaped hole in my heart with any and all difficult games I can find.

I’m also a competitive strongman and ex-powerlifter, which basically means I throw logs and stones around as exercise and lift stupid heavy shit for sport. It’s fun.

Impact trumps intent; own your shit; eat the rich.

Eat the rich