Mindful Design Sprints

6-8 weeks. Remote-first workshops. A deep dive into your problem space followed by a prototype to take into testing. All conducted with the backbone of ethical, mindful and responsible design practices. These sprints are geared towards responsible founders and small teams who have a vision for a product but need help starting the journey of turning it into a tangible, impactful thing.


  • Startups who want to go from 0-1 in a process that can help guide their future decisions.
  • Socially-conscious founders who want to start a project on the front foot.
  • Larger companies who want to build internal tools or incubate internal products.
  • Established companies who want to expand or pivot into new spaces.

By the end of this process you’ll have kick-started your understanding of both your idea - as a product and as a system - and your problem space. We’ll cover:

Problem space exploration

Understanding the problem space your product will live in is paramount to this process. We’ll explore everything from competitor analysis through to mental models.

Systemic analysis

Seeing your idea and solution as a system provides a unique and important perspective. We’ll explore how to visualise your product as a system of objects, relationships, input and output.

Key moments

Identifying and documenting the core, defining moments of your product gives clarity and focus. We’ll look at challenging, impactful or unique moments to guide us through this process.

Stories and impact

We use stories to tie everything from this first phase together, using story maps and storyboards to get an insight into how some of the key moments might play out in various situations.

Interactive prototyping

Based on all of the legwork done early in this process, I’ll get to prototyping. For this process I do what I call ‘mid-fi’ prototyping, using practices inspired by games design to present a prototype that’s optimised for user testing, but not full of scribbles and comic sans.

Testing & future possibilities

Finally, we’ll work together to discuss future possibilities for your product as well as produce a test plan for user testing your prototype. This is where we reflect on everything, say our goodbyes (or plan in some new stuff!) and I remind you to buy my book.

Scott’s process helps to simultaneously de-risk and enrich a project, creating real value for product teams at all levels of capability. I personally worked with him to create a suite of products across a number of brands - it was a delightful experience.
Dan Kolodziej - Product; Idean, Puig
Flexible Pricing
Guide Price
£10k - £15k

How it works

  1. Describe your idea and the impact you think it can have on the people who will use it.
  2. Name your price: As a guide, somewhere between £10k and £15k is the sweet spot for this process.
  3. I'll get back to you with more information on possible start dates, whether we’re a good fit for each other, and what excites me about your idea!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why ‘mindful’ design?

While it might sound like a buzzwordy attempt at self-aggrandisation, I believe passionately in designing ethically and in the name of social progress. This work is a manifestation of the ideas in my book, and a result of over a decade of research. Every stage is designed to add value, question assumptions, and present a framework of ethical and responsible design that I’ve spent my career developing.

I don't think I can afford the guide price, can we work something out?

Yes, please. This approach to work is partly designed to allow me to offer my services on projects that might previously have been under my radar due to my old focus on fluid-scope, longer-term consultancy work.

Is 6-8 weeks feasible for my project?

Depending on your idea, almost definitely. I’ve done these sprints in as little as three weeks and delivered results. If you’re developing a hugely complex product, or a suite of interconnected products, then we’d spend a bit longer in lo-fi post-it land and likely prototype around a smaller set of key features. If a project didn’t suit this process however, I wouldn’t try and shoehorn it in; that’s just painful for everyone involved.

We’re based in [SF / NY / London / West Staines]; can you deliver these on-site?

I’m happy to travel for the workshop phase provided travel and accommodation expenses are paid in advance. While I’ve catered this process to be fully-remote to save costs, I’m happy to conduct early workshops and kick-offs on-site. Alternatively, pop on over to sunny Liverpool and workshop from my hipster, exposed-brick office.

Later workshops and prototype work are conducted and presented remotely.

Who should I bring along?

I work directly with founders and people directly responsible for high-level decision-making in a product. These are intense and intimate workshops so 1-3 people is ideal. Hands-on CEOs, CTOs, CPOs, etc. are the usual suspects at smaller startups. Product Owners, Product Managers, etc. at larger gaffs and internal incubators. If you have a very small team then we can work something out that involves everyone. If you want to bring an investor/VC along then my rates get magically doubled.

I’m working with [YCombinator/ Ignite/EF/etc.], can you help me pitch at demo day?

I’ve worked on a number of accelerator projects and understand the rather jarring cadence of it all, not least the Dragons’ Den bullshit that a lot of them seem to like throwing at people in the name of supposed diligence. Unfortunately, I can’t usually attend or directly support pitches or presentations, and it’s not where my value lies in a design process. I can, however, tweak these sprints a little to the idiosyncrasies of such programmes.

My company works agile/in 4.125 week cadences/deploys new features based on the cycle of the moon; can you tailor this process to us?

Nope, sorry! This process is feasible because of its repeatable structure.

Is this just commoditising design?

I mean, capitalism is doing a good enough job of that all on its lonesome, but really, this is me distilling my process into a framework with just enough flexibility to cater to 90% of potential clients, based heavily on previous iterations of this process.

Wanna chat?

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