Speaking & Lecturing

I'm available to speak at events; guest lecture at colleges, universities and independent courses; and run workshops at conferences or with internal design teams. I predominantly speak around the topics in my book, Mindful Design, so expect discussions around the brain and the mind, mental health, and design ethics.

What I Cover

  • Design and mental health
  • Process and ways of working
  • Design ethics
  • Eating the rich

Past Talks & Lectures

  • Guest Lecture—UX Course, Stanford University
  • ‘Mindful Design’—Fjord, London
  • Q&A panel—Web Dev Conference, Bristol
  • ‘Re-learning to Love the Web’—HybridConf, Dublin
  • ‘You‘re Probably a Designer’—Forefront, Leeds
  • ‘This is your Brain on Games’—Second Wednesday, Nottingham

Conferences & Meetups

My favourite way of speaking is to get up and chat shit in front of a fun as heck audience at meetups, conferences and events. I adore putting engaging talks together and making an absolute tit of myself in front of a bunch of people.

Guest Lectures

I'm available for guest lectures and educational workshops for college and university courses in the design, technology and product spaces. I've previously lectured at Stanford University, sat on career advice panels, and mentored a number of designers. I aim to offer a different perspective to design students, with a big focus on the moral and ethical considerations we face in this industry.

Mindful Design Workshops

I'm working on bringing the contents and ideas found in my book, Mindful Design, into workshops; a day-long deep dive into the fundamentals of designing with mental processes in mind, and an intensive four-day sprint-like workshop that goes into much more detail, focusing on real product problems your team is facing.

Wanna chat?

Want me to design some stuff? Interested in booking me to speak or lecture? Wanna tell me how much you love my face? Tap the button and say hi.

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