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My name is Scott and I make things for money and for fun. I specialise in early-stage design and I work with ambitious startups and founders to turn exciting ideas into beautiful products.


I’ve had the joy of collaborating with some amazing teams, clients and founders on this weird ole design journey of mine.

I’ve worked with Scott on my business, With Jack, from day one. It was important for me to work with a talented designer that would also bring their personality to the project, and that’s why I’m still working with Scott 3 years later. It’s not just his design work I value—his contribution is so much more than that. Scott’s played a huge part in helping me get my business to where it is today
Ashley Baxter ● Founder & CEO, With Jack


With Jack - Be A Confident Freelancer

I worked with With Jack to design a new quote system, dashboard, onboarding flow, and website. We also did some design-led business exploration for some snazzy new products.


I wrote a book called ‘Mindful Design’ and I honestly won’t shut the fuck up about it.

It’s all about developing a working understanding of the human mind, and using that knowledge to design products that integrate with our mental processes rather than disrupt them.

Now I spend my days acting out the philosophies and methodologies I developed in the book with clients and founders all around the world.


There’s a few different ways you can work with me, depending on your project, goals and budget.

I want to collaborate with as many lovely folks as possible—whether you’re a bootstrapped founder or a funded startup blessed with a large budget—and have developed a few different options to help make this happen.


I’ve been interviewed on a few lil podcasts, videos and blogs to chat about mindful design, mental health in tech, and design in general.


Sometimes I write words about design and tech.

Wanna chat?

I'm not currently taking on new paid projects, but if you want to chat about design, ask me any questions, or just tell me you think I'm a dickhead, hit me up.

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