Selected work

“Most of my best work is under NDA” — Every Designer Ever (Including me). Clichés aside, I've worked on a bunch of sites, apps and products for a tonne of clients; from fintech startups, to local governments, to hipster coffee apps.

Mindful Design

Mindful Design is my book. It's all about design’s relationship with the human mind - and by that notion, humans themselves. It focuses on providing a bunch of theory and studies that I think can reframe the conversations around design and the mind; taking it from a weird obstacle-to-overcome vibe to something a little more humanistic.

As well as writing the whole gosh darn thing, I designed and built a marketing site for it. You should buy it tbh.

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With Jack

I teamed up with Ashley Baxter and Vic Bell to redesign and build an entire new vibe for the already-awesome With Jack. I designed and built the marketing site and a lovely chatty quote system, as well as building a simple API and barebones CRM for customer management.

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I teamed up with my good pal/chum/friendo Ben Howdle to design and help build a lovely little feature-light Twitter reader. It's literally just a big list of tweets. I kinda love it.

Readme's goal is to strip the bullshit away from Twitter. To provide a streamlined experience for browsing tweets from the people you follow, while removing the noise of Twitter's bloated feature set.

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JavaScript Playground

I redesigned Jack Franklin's wonderful JavaScript Playground blog. Jack's writing is lovely and we wanted to give it an equally lovely home.

I went with sturdy type, simple layouts and stark contrast. It's also, in case you didn't notice, yellow as fuck.

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