What I do

I plan, design, build, test and iterate on digital products for socially-conscious people with exciting ideas and wonderful stories to tell. I've spent a bunch of time optimising my process to bring mindful and responsible design practices into every project.

The Sharpies and Post-It stuff

Research / Problem Space Analysis / Early-stage Workshops

The best ideas need time, research, discussion, and lots of scribbling. Exploring the problem space our work exists in and conducting diverse, broad research puts us in the best position to do impactful work. I strongly believe that a project is only as good as its foundations, and have spent my career researching and developing my early-stage process to ensure my projects kick off with a backbone of responsible, ethical design.

The hipster designery stuff

Wireframes / UI Design / Components & Systems

My approach to UI design revolves around ensuring design decisions and principles can carry through to a complete system. I never design solely in the context of static screens and do a lot of work to create robust, reusable components.

The click, tap & bounce stuff

Interaction Design / Animations / Interactive Prototyping

Interaction design is my biggest area of expertise, and designing the in-betweens is a vital part of my approach to design. I'm just as comfortable adding simple, personable animations to a modal as I am crafting complex, state-driven prototypes that shift and respond seamlessly.

The 'Oh Look A Design System' stuff

Design Systems / Design Tokens / Coded Components

Working on complex interfaces with tonnes of moving parts usually requires a design system of some kind. I'm more than happy to deliver a full, token-based, dev-friendly design system that can be used for any future work, regardless of platform or design tooling. I work in code-based tools wherever possible, and can hand-code components where needed.


There's a few different ways you can work with me, depending on your project, goals and budget.

I want to collaborate with as many lovely folks as possible—whether you're a bootstrapped founder or a funded startup blessed with a large budget—and have developed a few different options to help make this happen.

Wanna chat?

Want me to design some stuff? Interested in booking me to speak or lecture? Wanna tell me how much you love my face? Say hi.

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