Design Consulting

I'm able to assist with most phases of a design project, from early-stage UX through to complete interactive prototypes. Whether you're looking for someone to lead your project from scratch, or just need some extra help on a contract basis.


  • Fluid-scope projects that need ongoing design support
  • Projects with large budgets that need longer-term design help
  • Established products that need a redesign, design system work, or large-scale improvements
  • Companies looking to fill skill- or knowledge-gaps in their current design or leadership teams


What I can offer

Research & exploration

User research, competitor analysis, and problem space exploration.

Early-stage UX design

Mental models, personas, empathy maps, storyboards, and wireframes.

UI & interaction design

Interactive prototypes, animation, high-fidelity components, and interaction design.

Design systems & hand-off

Component libraries, design principles, style guide documentation, and technical specifications.

Scott's process helps to simultaneously de-risk and enrich a project, creating real value for product teams at all levels of capability. I personally worked with him to create a suite of products across a number of brands - it was a delightful experience.
Dan Kolodziej - Product; Idean, Puig
WEEKLY Pricing
(2 weeks / 2.5 DAYS PER WEEK)

How it works

  1. Describe your project and the type of work you think I can help with. If you have any hard deadlines, budget requirements, be sure to jot them down!
  2. Tell me your budget: I book consulting work in weekly blocks, based on a minimum of 2.5 days per week. My rates are negotiable for longer-term (3+ months) projects.
  3. I'll get back to you with my availability and we can kick things off!

Wanna chat?

Want me to design some stuff? Interested in booking me to speak or lecture? Wanna tell me how much you love my face? Say hi.

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