Design Advisorship

This is an experimental service I’m offering this year to clients who might need some longer-term, high-level consulting without booking in a full-time project right now. I’ll bring my extensive body of research in mindful technology and experience delivering a wide range of design-led projects, you bring an open mind and a willingness to have your assumptions challenged. Think of it like startup advisorship, but specifically focused around human-centred design.


  • Startups who need broad, design-led guidance and advice as they grow
  • Technical service startups where dev requirements drastically outpace design
  • Bootstrapped founders or small teams who need design mentorship


What I can offer

This is a higher-level advisorship offering and as such the stuff we do together will be highly dependent on your needs and situation. The following are possibilities based on what I’ve done for others so far with this service:

Early-stage workshops

If you’re just getting started, or broaching new spaces, then I can formulate and conduct workshops based on your needs, resources and budget. As things go on, I can help with things like feature impact analysis, mental models, storyboards and more.

Mindful growth

As your product progresses, we can start looking at ways that it can grow and better-serve your customers, without relying on compulsive technology and negative feedback loops.

Design-led upskilling

Whether you’re looking to personally improve your grasp of modern design, or you’ve got a fledgling team that could use some mentorship, I can tailor internal workshops and education programmes to your company.

Hiring & team-building advice

I’ve lead design at a diverse range of companies and have conducted dozens of design interviews and hired a bunch of talented folks. I can work with your Talent department, or founders, to advise on all areas of the design hiring process.

I’ve worked with Scott on my business, With Jack, from day one. It was important for me to work with a talented designer that would also bring their personality to the project, and that’s why I’m still working with Scott 3 years later. It’s not just his design work I value—his contribution is so much more than that. Scott’s played a huge part in helping me get my business to where it is today
Ashley Baxter ● Founder & CEO, With Jack

How it works

  1. Describe your project and the kind of help you think you would need from me.
  2. Tell me your ideal time allocation: I generally book design advisorship slots in at 1-3 days per month.
  3. I'll get back to you with more details and if we’re a good fit we can kick things off!

Wanna chat?

Want me to design some stuff? Interested in booking me to speak or lecture? Wanna tell me how much you love my face? Say hi.

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